The NY Post went to town on Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera today, in an exclusive in which they tear her to pieces over a secret, personal Facebook page in which she exposes "the top of her lacy red bra" and "shows off her curves"—and the whole thing veers perilously close to slut shaming. There's no reason for the Post to be making "real swing voter" jokes because of her private pictures—but there is a legitimate question raised over the younger fellow Democrat she's been dating for two years, and the fact he was briefly on her payroll.

Rivera, who went by her middle name "Daniela Rivera" in the private account, posted dozens of photos with Tommy Torres starting in 2009—those included one of Rivera showing off 1-carat diamond earrings he purchased her for Valentine’s Day. According to records, Torres made $18,123 in salary while working out of Rivera’s Morris Park district office for four months in 2010—he was listed as a “full-time” community-relations director from Aug. 30, 2010, until Jan. 1, 2011. During that period, he was also working full time as a gym teacher and high school sports coach.

“Mr. Torres did work part time for my district office,” Rivera told the Post. “It was for a period of four months ending in 2010. Because of his background in education, during those four months he was actively involved representing me in educational and at community events.” She didn't comment on whether they were in a relationship, but added, “The Facebook page you are referring to is my own personal page, having nothing to do with my professional career, and I wish you would respect my privacy." The page has since been deleted form Facebook.