Michael Vick might get thrown into the lion's den for his return to NFL action—speculation is that his first snaps back might come at Giants Stadium when the Eagles take on the Jets in the final preseason game of the season. Last night WCBS 2 asked Jet fans there to see Mark Sanchez's debut last night what their thoughts were on Vick's landing in Philly. Reaction was mixed with one fan saying, "I think what he did is completely heinous, but you can't crucify someone forever," while most took the predictable route of "Glad he's with the Eagles. I hate the Eagles!" As for Vick's new division rivals, the Giant defenders seemed to welcome the added competition of facing the speedy QB. Justin Tuck said "hats off to (the Eagles)" and Osi Umenyiora even said he was "proud of that franchise" for having the "cojones" to sign the tarnished superstar. Vick was on the field for the first time today practicing with the Eagles, who may utilize him in the "Wildcat" formation. Coincidentally Big Blue spent yesterday practicing their defense against the Wildcat.