Not to perpetuate any stereotypes, but the Daily News has a sad story today about a National Rifle Association official who is unable to own guns: "Richard D’Alauro, the NRA’s field representative for the city and its suburbs, is forbidden from owning guns due to a domestic incident with his wife in their Long Island home, the Daily News has learned."

While he was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child (misdemeanors) and harassment in 2010, D'Alauro just pleaded guilty to the non-criminal harassment charge. Police seized 39 pistols, shotguns and rifles in the Long Island home he shared with his then-wife, Maribeth D'Alauro.

Richard D'Alauro is not allowed to own guns until October 3, 2010, and Maribeth D'Aluaro, who has multiple sclerosis, said that she's worried. She said he abused her for "years" but she was "too afraid to ever call the police on him." Further, she says he's a bully, "cut from the same cloth" as NRA's leaders. Richard D'Alauro's lawyer pointed out the misdemeanors were dropped and said many of the guns were "old, ancient things." For kicks, the News had the list of his guns:

Python handgun .357 magnum
Crosman handgun .22-caliber
Colt handgun .22-caliber
Smith & Wesson handgun
Unknown Asian
made handgun 8-mm.
ASM handgun .44-caliber
Colt handgun
Colt handgun .45-caliber
Colt handgun .45-caliber
Smith & Wesson
handgun model 41
Smith & Wesson
handgun model 469
Smith & Wesson
handgun model 617 .22-caliber
Smith & Wesson
handgun .357-caliber
Smith & Wesson
handgun .38-caliber
High Standard
handgun model 106
Unknown make
handgun 9-mm.
Winchester rifle model 1906
Winchester rifle model 1903
Marlin rifle model 336XLR
Henry Arms rifle .22-caliber
Marlin rifle model 335cs
with scope
Colt rifle model 5053
Kentuckian rifle .50-caliber
U.S. Carbine rifle .30-caliber
Colt rifle .223-caliber
Sears rifle model 5 .22-caliber
Remington rifle model 514
Remington rifle model 11-87
Ruger carbine rifle
Traditional rifle .50-caliber
U.S. Springfield Armory
rifle model 1903
Fox B rifle
Remington rifle model 870
H&R Arms rifle
Remington rifle model 700
Pardner rifle 20-gauge
Chipmunk rifle .22-caliber
Silver 12-gauge shotgun
Henry rifle .22-caliber