A 22-year-old woman, Mery Isabel Quinde-Castro, is facing child endangerment charges after tying her young son to a bush outside of an apartment complex in Spring Valley, NY. The police chief said that the boy was wearing a monkey backpack with a leash—"The leash part was actually knotted around this bush so that the child just couldn't walk away. The child's hands were free. He wasn't attached at the waist. He was attached to the line on the backpack."

Quinde-Castro was going to a baby-sitting job at the complex, and Police Chief Paul Modica told the Journal News that she couldn't handle her "rambunctious son who didn't want to go inside." However, WABC 7 reports that she had "no one to take care of him but did not want to bring him to the house she works at or let the family she works for know she had her child with her."

She left her phone with him so he could watch cartoons. A neighbor called the police after spotting the boy.

While she claims her son was only tethered for 10 minutes, Modica points out that the time doesn't matter, and adds that the "investigation is leaning closer to more than a half hour, 45 minutes that that child was out there."

Quinde-Castro's sister posted the $2,500 bail and said she didn't do anything wrong, especially since he's hyperactive (that's why they need the backpack with leash), "She is a good mother."