A dashing Brazilian anchorman is embroiled in a nasty custody battle with his model ex-wife. She says he planned to kidnap their daughter and take her to Haiti (without even getting her vaccinated!). He says the charges are "absolute nonsense" since their daughter already lives with him 300 days of the year.

Maria Vianna and Rony Curvelo parted ways four years ago, with Curvelo getting full custody of their daughter and moving to Brazil, the Daily News reports. But custody was brought back into question recently when Curvelo mistakenly forwarded his ex-wife an email meant for his boss, in which he pondered whether to go cover the earthquake in Haiti. The 29-year-old model took the email to Manhattan Family Court, saying her ex planned to take their daughter to Haiti with him. At the time all three were in New York. "I was shocked, stunned. I was at Kennedy Airport Thursday, waiting for [my daughter] Jennifer so we could go back to Brazil, when a process server gave me papers," said Curvelo.

According to court papers Vianna claims the newsman was not providing their daughter with a Catholic education and planned to abduct her. But Curvelo, a former CNN and Telemundo anchor, claims the Manhattan model is the kidnapper, since he has legal custody of the fourth-grader. They'll duke it out Judge Judy-style at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.