Yesterday we all had a good laugh at Assemblyman Felix Ortiz's attempt to make a name for himself by suggesting he may legislate some safety into our seemingly never ending Pokemon Go obsession. "Well who's laughing now?" he's probably asking no one in particular, in light of the news that an upstate man crashed his car while attempting to drive and play Pokemon Go at the same time.

Auburn, N.Y. police say that Steven Cary, 28, crashed his car into a tree Tuesday night, July 12 at about 10:45 p.m., and per The Smoking Gun, admitted to cops that he was playing Pokemon Go before veering off the road. The good news is that Cary didn't kill anybody, but the bad news for him is that he suffered a broken ankle and absolutely destroyed his car. The even worse news for him is that with impaired mobility, catching more Pokemon will prove difficult, and he can't even hire out the services of an expert Pokemon trainer anymore.

The NYPD shared a number of Pokemon Go safety tips yesterday, including (unsurprisingly) a warning not to play Pokemon Go while driving your 2,000 pound death machine.

The Smoking Gun also shared a quote from a Facebook post by Cary's mother, in which she wrote that while her son doesn't text or talk on the phone while driving, the siren song of Pokemon Go caused him to look at his phone for just a brief moment, resulting in him waking up in the hospital. So, if Werner Herzog isn't busy at the moment, we could probably use an update to his classic texting while driving PSA: