A straight-shooting Westchester resident recently received a primo special delivery at his home last night. New Rochelle police detective Joseph Schaller tells LoHud.com the man opened a FedEx package to discover "two large plastic bags of marijuana worth about $500." So he did what any normal person would do when confronted with a big fat bag of weed in the privacy of his or her own home—he rolled a giant doobie and fired up the DUNE laserdisc called the cops.

The unidentified narc crime-fighter told cops that the package was addressed to a business with which he was unfamiliar, not his home address. He insisted he did not recognize the name of the sender, and he's certainly never synced up The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon. After police left with the giant freaking bag of criminally unsmoked reefer, the man reportedly told a confused, scantily-clad Kate Upton that she was in the wrong house and sent her on her way, along with her giant check for a million dollars made out to cash.