Proving that publicity can be good or bad, however you look at it: Joel Steinberg is getting kicked out of the halfway house he's been living in the past couple of week, because of his cover story for NY magazine. One of the stipulations for him to live at the Harlem residence was not to engage in publicity. The executive director told the Post, "I had a specific conversation with him about that . . . that [granting interviews] would not be acceptable behavior. We didn't hold him responsible for the attention he brought at the beginning...but he generated this [recent] attention by granting an interview." Well, Steinberg certainly wasn't going for discreet. Gothamist wonders if Steinberg's attorney, Darnay Hoffman, who seems like the usual grandstanding, publicity courting lawyers (albeit one who is married to Sydney Biddle Barrows), from the NY magazine story will be putting him up in the meantime.

NY media went wild when Steinberg was released in June.