A widow in a wheelchair is suing the Waldorf Towers, the residential part of the Waldorf-Astoria, for discrimination, claiming the WT did not accomodate her disability. Rose Gutmacher is suing for $8 million, with the thinking going that $37,500 a month should bring a little more service than what was offered, but the WT, perhaps fed up with her requests, raised rent to $63,500. What Gothamist found interesting is that the Post mentioned old school former tenants, like Mamie Eisenhower, Cole Porter, and Frank Sinatra, but didn't mention Paris and Nicky Hilton as well as the America's Next Top Model crew who camp out there. Gutmacher has since moved to the New York Palace.

This is a big day for swank hotel news: Some Colombian cocaine traffickers were arrested in a bust by the Feds. They had been living at the Plaza, but the $18 million in drugs were in a storage facility in Maspeth.

Finally, it seems that New York Presbyterian is going to offer hotel rooms, but you need to be on "hospital related" business. Hotel Chatter was, at this time, unable to confirm whether or not using the hospital as a restaurant counts, but notes that the hotel rooms are in a good part of town and have full kitchens.