Tonight is the lone debate in this year's governor's race, and it should be interesting, with Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Carl Paladino joined by five third-party candidates—madam Kristin Davis who claims to have supplied former governor Eliot Spitzer with call girls; Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich; Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins; Freedom Party candidate and NYC Councilman Charles Barron; and Rent Is Too Damn High candidate Jimmy McMillan. The debate, held at Hofstra University, starts at 7 p.m.; according to Newsday, "The debate will be broadcast live on cable television stations News12 Long Island, NY1 News, NY1 Noticias and YNN. It also will be carried by National Public Radio stations and streamed live over,, and"

Siena College's Len Cutler told Fox 23, "I think [the debate] could benefit Carl Paladino more than Andrew Cuomo, if, if, and this is a qualifier, if he doesn't perform his Jekyll and Hyde routine. If indeed he stays on message, if he addresses the issues as he has in his most recent promo ads and doesn't get into personal visceral vitriolic attacks. Andrew Cuomo on the other hand in fact has to stay on message, has to deliver his leadership role, demonstrate and reinforce what he's done as attorney general."