Some New Yorkers really believed that LeBron James was coming to New York. One Upper West Sider told WCBS 2, "He came all the way to Greenwich, Conn., to ["Decide"]. Got us all excited. I'm very disappointed." But James got to meet up with his pal Kanye West! West, who had a brush with being reviled last fall, was at the Boys and Girls Club in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Perhaps to rally the spirits of fellow New Yorkers, the Daily News' Frank Isola wrote on his blog today that James is headed to Miami to play "Scottie Pippen to Dwayne Wade's Michael Jordan":

I was in Cleveland the night of Game 5 against Boston when LeBron had perhaps the most disappointing performance of his career. His reaction afterwards was even more disappointing. He sounded surprised and upset that the media would question why he didn't play well. LeBron reasoned that he's only had four bad games in his entire career and that he's spoiled his fans. Give me a break.

He should have said: "This one is on me. I didn't have it tonight and I can't tell you how disappointed I am." But then by making that admission, James would be placing the blame on himself. Or as one rival head coach said today: "He craves attention but deflects responsibility."

And that is why Miami is the perfect place for him. The Heat is the third most popular team in the city behind the Dolphins and University of Miami football. More importantly, if the "Dream Team" as LeBron calls it falls short there will be plenty of blame to go around starting with Pat Riley, Wade and LeBron.

Another Upper West Sider weighed in about the James-Wade-Bosh trio and seemed mournful: "It's a stacked deck. I'm a Yankee fan. I understand wanting to play for a champion. He could carry a team. But he could have brought it to New York. We need him here."