On the heels of the NY Post's and NY Times' endorsement of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer for NYC Comptroller in the Democratic primary, the Daily News also endorsed Stringer for the position. But more tellingly, the endorsement is more about how Spitzer is a lying liar than it is about Stringer—and it's an opportunity to run a photograph of bikini-clad one-time hooker Ashley Dupre!

The News' endorsement of Spitzer's sleaziness starts this way:

Five years after reckless lawbreaking as a client of a high-end prostitution service drove him from the governor’s office, Eliot Spitzer runs for city controller with arrogant dishonesty.

The lessons that he claims to have learned from the humiliation of being revealed as a cheat and liar have not extended to accepting the obligation to play straight with the public.

Meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board on Thursday for an endorsement interview, Spitzer made definitively false statements in response to long-unanswered questions about the actions that put him at the heart of a federal criminal investigation.

The News even transcribed part of the endorsement interview, where Spitzer insists he never laundered money and only paid in cash (there were wires, according to the federal complaint) and that all his liaisons were listed in the complaint (only one $4,300, was mentioned, but his spending on high-class escorts was in the neighborhood of $100,000).

The News says, "After considering the drive and intelligence that live side-by-side with Spitzer’s defects of character, The News strenuously recommends that New Yorkers spurn his bid for election. Just as strenuously, The News endorses Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, a steady, serious, well-prepared public official with an unblemished record of accomplishment. The contrast between Stringer, whose word has been rock-solid and who has worked diligently for advancement, and Spitzer, who hopes to waltz in on nerve and notoriety, makes Stringer the clear, easy choice."