Crime might have gone down in 2003, but this past week has been a doozy. First there was the horrific case of Nathalie Guzman being hit and run by three different cars - with none of the drivers bothering to stop and see if she needed help. Queens Councilman Eric Gioia felt that the three hit and runs had a level of "human callousness and depravity not seen since" 1964's Kitty Genovese murder (38 people did nothing as they heard and even witnessed Genovese's cries for help). The NYPD just found the one of the cars and drivers, apparently the third car to hit Guzman when she crossed Roosevelt Avenue.

Then there's this terrifying story about a parolee's 13 hour crime spree that included murder in Queens, sexual assault in Manhattan, and shooting at people while breaking into apartments in the Bronx. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says, "Detectives in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens were diligently working together on leads. This included images captured on cameras located in the housing developments in the Bronx and Lower Manhattan and Queens where the shooting and the homicide took place. After the break-in attempt, a neighbor tried to help. Then after Shobey stabbed a Queens man, someone called the police to say Shobey was responsible for the stabbing and Bronx shootings.
When 45 year old Andre Shobey was arrested, police found a knife and loaded .32-caliber revolver on him.

The NYPD will update their weekly crime statistics for this week in a week or two, but so far crime is down.