NY State Lottery officials are hoping to join the big 32-state lottery, Powerball, in hopes of generating more state revenue. Right now, Powerball is available only in neighboring states like Connecticut and Pennsylvania, so when there's a big jackpot, New Yorkers head out of state to buy tickets. Currently, NY is already part of the 12-state MegaMillions lottery, and Lottery spokesman Jennfier Givner told the Daily News that officials think both games will do well, "People are really attracted to the larger jackpots. With all the states involved, you get these exciting large rollups and huge jackpots that people are interested in and drive sales." It would take 6-12 months to get the game rolling and state thinks it could make $11 million in the first year and another $21 million in later years. However, State Senator Frank Padavan (R-Queens) said another lottery game is a terrible idea, snarking, "Given they are already costing the average family another $4,000 and $5,000 a year, it seems reasonable for them to figure out another way to pull money out of the back pockets of the people who can least afford it."