NYC businesses aren't the only ones threatening to leave for NJ—it turns out businesses all over the Empire State are threatening to leave for NJ and Connecticut! The NY Times looks at how NY is "Vulnerable to Poaching in Recession". While NJ and CT governments are offering nice deals, the Times adds, "some officials and business executives say the Paterson administration, reeling from a number of recent missteps, has been too poorly managed to respond effectively." One example: Pepsi, whose headquarters are in Purchase, was hoping that the Paterson administration wouldn't expand the bottle deposit requirements for non-carbonated drinks...only for Governor Paterson to expand the program and put a tax on non-diet sodas: "Now Pepsi is weighing a searing response: moving the headquarters of the Pepsi Bottling Group and more than 1,000 jobs, from Somers, in Westchester County, to Connecticut, which has been dangling a roughly $30 million incentive package."