It's unclear what the New York State Board of Elections has to do with the World Cup, but its website was hacked this morning by Anonymous in a protest against the Brazilian government's spending of $11 billion to bring the World Cup to the country. The website was down for most of the day, impacting at least dozens of people who tried to visit it and putting Brazil's World Cup efforts in peril.

According to Hacker News Bulletin, the NYS BOE website was briefly taken over by this video, which criticizes the "corrupt" Brazilian government for brutal crackdowns on Brazilian protesters and "destroying the lives of millions of Brazilians." Remember when Brazil was going to host the World Cup, then a New York government website got hacked and Brazil canceled the whole thing?

The website is now up and running again PHEW. (The BOE press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.) A number of Brazilian government websites were also reportedly hacked by protesters.

According to an April poll, just 48% of Brazilians say hosting the World Cup was a good idea. "It's an affront, in a country with so many deficiencies in basic needs, to organize a Cup in this way," one São Paulo investment manager told the Wall Street Journal. And Mailson da Nóbrega, a former Finance Minister of Brazil, said, "The country of soccer is reacting to the waste, the unfinished infrastructure projects, the allegations of corruption, the poor quality of schools and hospitals, the poor use of resources." To be fair, at least Brazil has found a way to finish some of its infrastructure projects:

[h/t/ Runnin' Scared]