The banquet supervisor at the New York Athletic Club who has been accused of forcing employees into orgies for better shifts and work assignments admitted that he has nude pics of the woman he allegedly sexually harassed. Nesim Zuberi, 45, has been accused of pressuring plaintiff Keisi Ballenilla into having sex with him solo and with other people. "One day, he wanted to photograph my breasts,” Ballenilla testified, according to the Post. "He made me do it. Otherwise, he would not give me jobs."

Ballenilla claims that Zuberi said he would take her off the banquet-serving schedule if she did not pose for the photos after-hours at the Central Park South club. In addition to confirming that he has photos of Ballenilla topless and in a green G-string, Zuberi also admitted to carrying on an affair with another underling, a coat-check girl.

Ballenilla’s lawyer argued that the photos incriminates both Zuberi and his bosses at NY Athletic Club, who knew about the photos two years ago but continued to deny Zuberi had done anything wrong. “Mr. Zuberi admitted to the club in 2011 that he had a topless photo of the victim, yet he also testified that as of June, he had never been disciplined or warned,” said Ballenilla’s lawyer, Joshua Friedman. "What does that tell him? Keep up the good work?"