A banquet supervisor at the New York Athletic Club has been accused of forcing employees into orgies for better shifts and work assignments, according to a lawsuit. Nesim Zuberi, 45, has been accused of forcing six staffers, including plaintiff Keisi Ballenilla who filed the sex harassment suit, of pressuring them into having sex with him solo and with other people. “Zuberi had (and possibly still has) his own harem made up of vulnerable female Club employees,” the lawsuit states, according to the Post.

Ballenilla, who worked for five years as a banquet server at the Central Park South location, claims that Zuberi would coerce her into having sex on the pool tables of the club's 10th-floor billiards room (Asked, “Was the cover on the pool table or no?” she answered, “No.”). Among other things, she also claims that he took trophy videos and photos of the trysts, and showed them to other co-workers along with photos of his own erect penis and images of himself having threesomes with his wife and a “Russian lady."

The lawsuit, which was filed in 2011, also states that members and managers made would make racial jokes and used the n-word without consequences, and the club would often declare female employees’ complaints of sexual harassment as “unfounded.” Zuberi denied all the allegations to the Post: “Listen, there’s no truth to any of this. This girl, this woman, she is using this to her advantage. She’s trying to benefit from this."

Last year, the 144-year-old NYAC also was in the news when a co-ed brawl broke out on April 13th, resulting in two people being sent to the hospital and three men under arrest.