Because there's nothing like a high-powered political position to make you think young ladies want to hear about your penis, an Albany Assemblyman has been accused of sexually harassing his female staffers, allegedly sending them a video of himself receiving oral sex, joking he had a tattoo on his genitalia, and telling one employee he "got a boner" when he saw her in the office.

Three female former aides working under 62-year-old Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak—who, naturally, is married and has children—have filed a notice of claim detailing sexual harassment allegations against him. According to the employees—Annalise Freling, Jamie Campbell and Kimberly Snickles —Gabryszak frequently made inappropriate comments to them; he allegedly told then 28-year-old Freling, "I got a boner when I walked into the office today when I saw you," and "You’re so hot, you know what I want to do with you," for instance, and is accused of inviting 26-year-old Snickles to a massage parlor and telling her he was "more of a ‘butt’ guy than a ‘boobs’ guy."

If that's not skeevy enough, Gabryszak, a Democrat, also allegedly sent Freling a video of "him in a bathroom, either receiving or pretending to be receiving fellatio," under the premise of sending her a recording of constituents. And, oh, there's more: Gabryszak allegedly told Freling he wanted to "lick her," asked female employees to spent the night in his Albany apartment, suggested they wear bikinis to events, joked he had a tattoo on his penis, regularly talked about prostitutes and strip clubs and was generally just an all-around creep, according to the claim.

The employees say the harassment was allegedly ongoing for several years, and they all finally resigned between March and October of this year, according to the claim: "The behavior was so severe, persistent and pervasive that the claimants had no alternative other than to leave their employment." Now, they're reportedly hoping Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver takes action against Gabryszak—good luck with that!

Ironically, one of the bills Gabryszak worked on was for anti-workplace-harassment. "“When you are at work, you need to have an environment that is stress-free,” Gabryszak told reporters at a press conference in 2012. “You need an environment that is safe, that is conducive to doing the job that needs to be done.” Keep on fighting the good fight, sir.