Looks like St. Brigid was just the beginning...

Seems the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York really is in trouble these days. So much so that yesterday they announced the "most sweeping reorganization in its history of more than 150 years." Over the next year the archdiocese hopes to close 31 parishes and 14 schools in the New York area, remember that the Archdiocese stretches from Staten Island all the way up to the Catskills. That includes six schools in Manhattan, four in the Bronx and one in Staten Island (you can get a word document of all the details here). But it ain't all bad news for the Church. As they shutter up their City venues it is just following it's faithful who have moved out of town. Hence their plans to create five new parishes on SI and in Orange and Dutchess Counties and to construct "several new church buildings, mostly in northern Westchester County, Rockland County and Dutchess County, where many Catholics who have left the city have relocated."

And it seems worth noting that the schools on the list are not official and that each school will "be given a chance to present counter-proposals to keep them open." Final decisions on who gets shuttered will be made April 24. As for what happens to all of the properties that will cleared, some will be used for other Church functions and some will be sold. And considering the value of some of those properties, and the insanity of New York's real estate, We're sure we'll be hearing more about that soon enough.

Nativity scene from chance's flickr stream.