Programming note: We'll be combining Early Addition and Extra Extra intermittently throughout this fall, while James Ramsay takes his well-earned vacation days.

Dreary Monday, right? Welcome to October in New York City, where the normally festive fall month began with an aggressive storm this weekend. Our city is also where the remnants of Hurricane Ian have decided to stick around for a bit. And it’s... cold. (If your landlord hasn't turned on the heat yet, here's what you should do.) So I guess it’s a reasonable time to stay indoors and read the day’s link roundup!

  • Did you know that New York is the fourth largest wine producer in the United States? It’s okay if you didn’t. Per a New York Post “inspection,” it’s pretty difficult to find local bottles at liquor stores in the city, and New Yorkers aren’t really looking for them. Several wine sellers told The Post that the few customers who are buying New York wines are tourists.
  • With this information in mind, it checks out that French wine bars are trending in New York right now, at least according to Eater.
  • United Airlines has temporarily halted service out of JFK. The airline will continue service out of Newark and LaGuardia.
  • And if you do fly into LaGuardia anytime soon, try to snag a window seat on the left side of the plane. Architect Nader Tehrani told Curbed that this is where you can get the best view of the Manhattan skyline.
  • A massive medieval festival returned to Fort Tryon Park after a two-year pandemic hiatus. But apparently no one in the surrounding neighborhoods of Washington Heights and Inwood has ever even heard of the thing. "They don't do outreach and it shows that they don't care about the community," Juan Camilo, owner of uptown beloved brewery Dyckman Beer Co., told Patch.
  • A bike lane built on Queens’ Skillman Avenue significantly bolstered businesses in the area, according to a Streetsblog analysis. This comes after heavy pushback from critics who had predicted that the exact opposite would happen.
  • Mayor Eric Adams’s “close confidant” Timothy Pearson is among highest paid employees in city government, earning more than $242,000 per year, according to The Times.
  • Brooklyn Community Board 1 District Manager Gerry Esposito, who led the Williamsburg and Greenpoint board for 45 years, has suddenly resigned, leaving the board in a “full-blown crisis,” according to THE CITY. He reportedly “had accrued so many days off that the cash-out would essentially leave the board — which has a $257,507 budget for the fiscal year ending next June — without enough money to remain operational or hire a successor.” Esposito is also infamous for purchasing a $26,000 SUV in 2018 “acquired with funds the City Council granted to each of the city’s 59 community boards to help them improve services.”
  • And finally, the train has entered the station: