Subway images from WNBC; Suspect Quelal Bonergy, photo from NY Post

Quelal Bonergy, a 47 year-old Bronx man, threw nuts and bolts onto subway tracks, which causing not only an explosion and fire on the F-train's third rail in Greenwich Village but caused the A, D, E, and F trains to go into confusion. Over a thousand riders were evacuated from the smoky subways and service wasn't back to normal until 11PM. , The Daily News says Bonergy was "apparently deranged," and clearly the DN needs to protect themselves from libel and slander, but the guy better be deranged or else angry commuters will shout for his head. Hell, they already demanding his head as it is.

WNBC has video footage from students on one of the trains. Gothamist is thankful no one was seriously hurt - subway attacks are definitely a fear in every subway rider's mind.