A home nurse bit the fingertips off of a mentally ill Brooklyn man who allegedly tried to kill her upon learning of the death of his elderly mother.

Patrick Fortune, 52, who suffers from schizophrenia, was so distraught by his mother's death on Thanksgiving that he accused her nurse, Rose Ferrier, of murdering her. According to the Daily News, Fortune allegedly attempted to strangle Ferrier, who fought back by maneuvering Fortune's fingers into her mouth and biting him. Several of Fortune's fingers were severed in the process, and the tabloid adds that Ferrier may have actually swallowed a few of them.

Cops arrived to the Canarsie apartment to find Fortune sitting on Ferrier with his hands around her throat.

Fortune's brother, Homere, told police that his brother hadn't had an episode in six years. "Without a doubt my mother's death pushed him over the edge," he told the tabloid. "It really affected him. He was there when she died. He ran after the paramedics yelling: You see what mother did to us? She left us! She left us!"

Ferrier was hospitalized with cuts to her eyes and ears, and is not facing criminal charges.

Fortune is currently awaiting arraignment on charges including assault and unlawful imprisonment.