NYC's confirmed swine flu—aka the A(H1N1) flu—cases remains at 49; NY1 reports that 47 of the cases are related to St. Francis Prep in Queens. They are recovering or have recovered, but some worried New Yorkers have been flooding ERs. A doctor at Montefiore told WCBS 2, "There are some people who are bringing in their children who might not be ill, but are sitting next to someone who might be ill. And then three days from now or four days from now that child actually will be ill." Still, practicing good hygiene (wash those hands! cover your coughs!) is still important and Archbishop Timothy Dolan suggested that Catholics might not want to take Communion wine or shake hands with others during mass. Overall, the CDC says there are 160 confirmed cases of A(H1N1) in the U.S. and worldwide the WHO is reporting 615 cases. In Hong Kong, a hotel is locked down after a Mexican businessman was confirmed with the swine flu; a masked hotel guest put up a sign to tempt journalists, "We will exchange information for beer and food and cigarettes."