nightwindow.jpgCops are on the lookout for a pants-less NJ man accused of breaking into an Edison, NJ woman's home, disrobing, and molesting its sleeping occupant. The police are now recommending that people not leave windows or doors unlocked because the nude intruder weirdo remains on the loose. Thursday morning, a 39-year-old woman awoke to find a nude man in bed with her and stroking her thigh around 3 a.m. He was an uninvited guest and the woman screamed, at which point the intruder fled without his clothes.

Edison police declined to describe where exactly the man left his clothes, but are advising area residents to keep their homes secure. The nude intruder apparently entered the woman's home via an unlocked sliding door.

It's also probably a good idea not to invite strangers back to one's hotel, as a rookie cop was charged with multiple counts of rape this week for allegedly having sex with passed-out women at the Gershwin Hotel in Manhattan.

Night Windows, by Edward Hopper