2007_05_plane2.jpgThe National Transportation Safety Board issued its final report on the Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle's Cirrus plane crash into an Upper East Side building. From the NTSB: "The probable cause of a small airplane crash in Manhattan last October was the pilots' inadequate planning, judgment, and airmanship in the performance of a 180-degree turn maneuver inside of a limited turning space." The NTSB found no problems with the plane itself, and suggested that the plane could have made the turn, if they had aggressively banked the plane during the turn or made an illegal turn over buildings.

The NTSB's assessment is pretty much the same as it was in November, except now the agency has added the judgment on the pilots. The NTSB said that Lidle, as the owner of the plane, was ultimately responsible. However, a lawyer for Lidle's and Stanger's families said, "It's not surprising; the safety board always blames the pilot in an accident." The Daily News had this intriguing detail: The tenants of the building have dropped their lawsuits against Lidle's and Stanger's families and will join in suing Cirrus.