The National Rifle Association finally issued a statement about the Newtown mass shooting and also reactivated its Facebook account. And, so far, the 1800+ comments are praising the gun group for its "class" in waiting days to comment about the shooting that saw a 20-year-old man, armed with numerous weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, slaughter 20 children and six educators with a semi-automatic rifle. Here's a sampling of comments, for your ulcer:

"Gun owners like us is how America became a nation of our own. My ancestors left the dinner table grabbed there hunting boom stick and aimed for the red coats. The Continental Army was made up of people who brought there own gun with them. Now instead of red coats this day in age there is a rising red sun over the capital."

"Last year right before I left for the army my truck carrying my grandmother, my 10 year old niece, and myself got rear ended by a DUI driver with no license (suspended for priors) or insurance. He hit us doing 40 mph while we were stopped at a light. My truck was a total loss. Had we not been in my big gas guzzling truck we all would've been killed. Why isn't more done about that? Why aren't cars banned? These people that think guns are the problem and the NRA is a terrible thing have zero logic."

"NRA, glad to see you back. I'm a card carrying member and I own AR15s and 30 round magazines. Lets get in the fight to keep our rights! You have my full support."

"Y'all didn't do this. Some whackjob did this. We need your to help us fight harder now more than ever."

"The fact that the NRA stayed quiet during all that has been going on shows the class of the NRA, the progressive left and their media lapdogs look like heartless fools!"

"You guys were criticized by the mongrels for your "silence" during all this. That was the classy thing to do. But what do the those mangy curr's on the left know about class? They were licking their lips at the chance to politicize this. Despicable."

"I support the NRA and the undying support they give to my right to protect my castle and my family and Common Sense! You liberals are not going to dismantle this Association!"

"Before the tragedy I was looking to go through the proper legal channels to get my first firearm and join the NRA. And now, I'm not only sticking to my decision, but trying harder to make it a reality."

"If this is handled correctly which I am 100% sure it will, my next check will be for a benefactor level."

"PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE ANTI GUN LOONS!!!!!! Why don't they complain when people are murdered every day in Detroit,New York,Chicago and any where else in America? It's only when there is something like a school or movie shooting"

"Push for armed guards in all schools by making it a federal law and body scanners so the can scan adults coming into schools and steel doors for all class rooms with dead bolts inside room"

"We need firearms more now then ever before. Look at the world people. There's rapists, murders and burglars out there with guns. And they will use them against the law abiding citizen. We the people need firearms to protect us from them. And anyone who has the idea of taking are freedom and liberties away from use. What are u gonna use to protect urself a single shot weapon? No!!!! semi auto weapons!!!!"

"No ones up in arms about the thousands of fetus' s that are murdered every year. I dont hear the leftest screaming to ban cloths hangers."

It's believed that Nancy Lanza, the mother of suspected shooter Adam Lanza, was a gun enthusiast who taught him to shoot.