Hey, New Yorkers, in case you needed to remember that NYC is full of mob wiseguys, check out this video from the NRA. It's airing in Virginia, to remind voters that gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell is fighting for their rights—rights that Mayor Bloomberg and his mobbed up, dese-dem-dose-talking constituents want to take away!

Politico explains, "McDonnell fought Bloomberg's effort to shut down Virginia gun dealers who sold guns to undercover investigators working for the City of New York who bought the guns in violation of existing regulations." And here's some of narration from the video: "When Mayor Bloomberg got down here, your guy, Bob McDonnell, kicked him out of Virginia, and it was very disrespectful. When you vote I strongly suggest you forget about your freedoms and your Mr. Second Amendment Bob McDonnell."

Bloomberg unveiled an ad against McDonnell earlier this year and aimed at closing a loophole in the state's gun law that allows gun sales without background at gun shows—it features the brother of a Virginia Tech shooting victim.