Apparently, city subway riders can't make up their damn minds. First it's all bad service this and unfair fare hikes that, but when it comes to sticking it to the man in a survey, everyone is having a grand ol' time in the tubes! According to a survey taken by the MTA, 71% of subway passengers felt satisfied or very satisfied with service, and 77% of riders were happy with the the line they use the most. The MTA itself said over the summer (when this survey took place) that service is declining. So, is the MTA being selective with its numbers, or has Stockholm Syndrome finally taken hold?

There were a few survey points that sounded like the cranky straphangers we know and love. Just 62% of riders were satisfied with bus service compared to the value of a ride, and just 44% were ok with rush hour crowding. There were also typical complaints about cleanliness, reliability and getting working elevators. "This has obviously been an extremely tough year for our transit system and for our customers, but the survey results show that our customers appreciate the improvements we have been able to put into place, like countdown clocks,” said MTA Chairman Jay H. Walder. 95% of riders said they liked the countdown clocks, even if they are spoilers.

In other MTA minutia, 79% of customers are satisfied with temperature of subways. Which is good, because if we're going to be stuck underground because of "train traffic ahead of us," we might as well get comfortable. Maybe they should use some of this fare hike money and install some massage chairs?