Maybe Hiram Monserrate just likes to cut things? From the looks of things, the disgraced political hack—who was infamously ousted by the State Senate after slashing his girlfriend's face with broken glass and dragging her through a building lobby—is financially ruined. Having lost his Senate comeback bid last March, Monserrate has reportedly been unemployed and living off his police pension of $26,000 a year. As a result, a judge might let him reduce the amount of child support he sends to his ex-wife and autistic son.

"He's trying to use his son's child support to write off his other debts," Janet Monserrate, 40, tells the Daily News. "He has no attachment to anyone; he only cares about his ego. He's not looking for employment. This is a man who cares mainly about what people think. He won't work in a Home Depot, he won't work at a supermarket, he won't work two, three jobs to pay child support." Monserrate claims his bad back is preventing him from finding a job, but that certainly didn't keep him out of the ring during last year's boxing publicity stunt.

According to court records obtained by the News, Monserrate owns a $130,000 apartment with a $74,000 mortgage, and owes $14,000 in credit card bills, $10,000 for a car lease, $8,000 in student loans and $22,000 in taxes. And in October he was slapped with mail fraud charges by the feds and accused of misusing $100,000 in taxpayer money when he was on the City Council. They also took his parking placard away! To top it all off, he can't afford to pay his lawyer anymore, and is represented by a court-appointed attorney. You almost feel sorry a little for the guy, and then you remember this. There isn't a violin in the world tiny enough to provide a soundtrack for Monserrate's job interview at Key Food.