While he can't figure out whether to sign the law that would ban advertising apartments on Airbnb, Governor Andrew Cuomo has managed to put his John Hancock on legislation that allows New Yorkers to be buried with their beloved pets at non-profit cemeteries.

Pet lovers have been trying to make sure they can spend furever with their animals for years, with fights for human remains to be allowed in pet cemeteries. Now pets can join in human cemeteries, Cuomo has declared, saying in a statement sent out this morning: "For many New Yorkers, their pets are members of the family. This legislation will roll back this unnecessary regulation and give cemeteries the option to honor the last wishes of pet lovers across New York."

Some more details from a press release:

The bill (S.2582/A.2647) will allow humans to be buried with their cremated pet with the cemetery’s written consent. Cemeteries will also be required to place all payments for the pet internment in its permanent maintenance fund and provide customers with a list of charges pertaining to the burial of the pet. This legislation will not apply to cemeteries owned or operated by religious associations or societies.

Brooklyn Assembly Member James Brennan added, "When this bill becomes law, owners and their pets will finally be allowed to have their pet interred with them. The pet/caregiver relationship is a very special one and I am happy that this relationship will finally be honored."

This law comes nearly a year after NY State allowed dog owners to bring their pups to outdoor restaurant and bars. Next up: Bike lanes specifically for cyclists with their cats?