This sounds like the worst idea: Scheduling only one 15-minute bathroom break during the day for first, second and third graders. And this is what has happened at PS/MS 95 in the Bronx. Teachers have said they are reprimanded when they allows kids to go "outside of a set schedule," so they generally try to regulate the kids' various bathroom needs. This is crazy - when are these kids' parents going to storm the school with all the data that says kids shouldn't be forced to hold in their pee and plus the anecdotes about how hard it was to potty train the kids in the first place. And are the school officials given only one chance at bathroom break as well? Where's the fairness? The school was trying to lessen hallway congestion and minimize classroom disruptions, but can they stagger a few, shorter breaks? Otherwise parents are going to need to leave a set of spare clothes in the class.

Some kids do hold it, but that's because the bathrooms are scary. Sometimes teachers make some kids clean up other kids' bathroom messes.