Now that Rutgers University has embroiled itself in another athletics-related controversy, NJ Governor Chris Christie is getting involved too! The Star-Ledger reported that numerous University of Tennessee volleyball players accused Rutgers' new athletics director Julie Hermann of being abusive—they said she called them "whores, alcoholics and learning disabled"—prompting a new line of questions.

Christie, appearing on Meet the Press, said yesterday, "I read this two hours ago. It's the first I heard of it. I have to talk to university officials and try to get the complete story. So, [it] would be irresponsible for me to comment on this point on it. All I know is what I saw two hours ago when I read the newspaper. I wasn't involved in the search at all, and I haven't met Ms. Hermann, so let me talk to university officials. I'll probably have more to say later in the week." Hermann told the Star-Ledger she didn't recall that her 1997 team gathered to confront her about a letter they wrote, outlining how she was abusive to them and that they didn't want her as their coach.

Hermann was hired to replace Tim Pernetti, who resigned when it was revealed that men's basketball coach Mike Rice was physically and verbally abusive to players. Pernetti claimed that he wanted to fire Rice much earlier, but Rutgers counsel and others wanted to follow a process that involving rehabilitating Rice. Rutgers President Robert Barchi denied that he knew about Rice's abuse early in the process, and pledged to get to the bottom of why a coach could get away with using phrases like "f---ing f----t" at players (especially in the wake of Tyler Clementi's suicide).

The new Rutgers men's basketball coach, Eddie Jordan, was hailed as a great hire, since he went to Rutgers... only then it turned out that Jordan didn't even graduate from the school. This latest botch-up has many NJ lawmakers furious. State Senator Richard Codey (who was briefly acting and interim NJ Governor three times) said, "This is becoming Comedy Central.... A great university with great students and alumni deserve better. From the mishandling of the Rice situation to the Eddie Jordan thing, where they didn't know that he didn't have his degree, to a woman who can't remember that every member of her volleyball team called her to leave. You remember that on your death bed. She should go, too. You can't make this stuff up."