To the list of motorized vehicles that misuse the city's bike lanes as an extra traffic lane, we can now add boats. Staten Island's Danielle Ward came across this surreal scene in her home borough today, at the intersection of Bay Street and Hylan Blvd. She tells us, "From my understanding it just sorta fell right off the trailer!" What's even crazier about this bike lane-blocking boat is that the police are actually stopped to do something about it!

"I’m still laughing and the boat is still there," says Ward. "The cops suggested waiting for rain, but I think they’re bringing in a fork lift." Though Ward took a photo of the boat owner holding a parking ticket, she says the cops just gave him a ticket envelope as a joke. In a perfect world, this photo would show him water-skiing down the street with the traffic ticket clenched between his teeth, but we'll settle for this: