Just last week some inconsiderate jerk was caught blocking a bike lane with his boat, now somebody else is doing it with a baby. Or the baby is doing it with its body? While it's true this is the cutest li'l bike lane block ever, just because it's adorable doesn't make it safe. And setting aside the danger posed to cyclists who might swerve out into traffic to avoid this cuddly little obstacle, there's also the terrifying risk that the infant is learning that bike riders are second class citizens who don't deserve their own space on our city's traffic infrastructure. And just because the child's immature, vertically-challenged dad is standing nearby DOESN'T MAKE IT OKAY.

The photo was taken by Reuters blogger Felix Salmon, who dubbed it "Still life with bike lane and baby." You may recall that Salmon recently wrote "A Unified Theory of New York Biking," examining the friction between cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians. He concluded that "bicyclists aren’t like pedestrians: we’re much faster, we can’t stop quickly, we can’t navigate as adroitly, and it takes a lot of effort to slow down and speed up again." And if you pedestrians think we're going to hit the brakes just because you're willing to sacrifice your newborn child, well... try us.