Three women, who didn't know each other and were not traveling together, say they were ejected, one by one, from an AirTran flight out of West Palm Beach yesterday afternoon for simply airing grievances. Marilyn Miller, a 55-year-old lawyer from Westchester, was the first to go. She says she was settling into her seat for the flight to White Plains when she observed a flight attendant indelicately shove her carry-on bag into another overhead compartment. "I said, 'Hey, I have breakables in that," she recalls.

As punishment for her backseat flight attending, she was told she was going to be removed from the flight. But it seems the other passengers didn't quite get the message that this flight attendant was having a very bad case of the Mondays. Carol Gray of Greenwich, Connecticut then had to make a big deal about her seat being broken! She says she wanted to be moved to another seat, but instead the flight attendant bounced her, too. ANYBODY ELSE WANT A PIECE?! Why, step right up, psychotherapist Karyn Schorr.

As two sheriff's deputies arrived to force the other two women to get off the flight, Schorr decided it was time to speak up, and tells the local TV news station: "I said, 'This is crazy, they didn't do anything. Why are you doing this to them?'" And he said, 'Throw her off too.'"

The three women, who were complete strangers until this fateful day, say they've never experienced anything like it. "They took three postmenopausal women and threw them off a plane," Schorr tells the Post. "Something is wrong." At the terminal, AirTran managers apologized and booked them on another flight, and the company has apologized, offering the women free round-trip tickets to any AirTran destination. An "investigation" is also underway! But Gray now lives in fear of the feral flight attendant, and she tells, "If I ever saw him again, I'd turn on my heels." This guy does sound like bad news, and we hate to imagine what will happen after he gets fired and dedicates his life to hunting these women down one by one...