Since nothing can go right for the MTA now that the city's been transformed into Dr. Zhivago's ice palace, it appears a track fire at the N train station at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue has stalled service between Queensboro Plaza and 57 St-7 Avenue. Plus, the station's filled with smoke! Well, at least everyone's staying warm down there.

Tipster Kolbe Nelson tells us his Brooklyn-bound N train was stalled at 59th and Lex at around 10 a.m., after enduring long delays traveling into Manhattan from Queens:

When we finally got to the Lex and 59th station we were held there for about 5-7 minutes and started smelling smoke. Eventually the car started to clear out (I didn't hear any official announcement from the conductor, but I had my headphones in) and a passenger said there was a track fire. I was in the front car and saw flames through the motorman's windshield. Tried to snap a pic, but it didn't turn out.

Smoke started filling up the station and people calmly made there way upstairs to the 6 train and the exits. Some people were coughing, and the smoke was getting a bit thicker as we left. At this point we heard official announcements for service changes and alternate line options. As I exited the station quite a few fire trucks showed up.

The MTA tells us there's a smoke condition north of Lexington Ave, and there are currently no N, Q or R trains between Queensboro Plaza and 57th Street-7th Avenue in either direction. Meanwhile, it appears quite a few commuters were treated to some smoke inhalation this morning:

The FDNY is on the scene:

As are MTA workers:

We'll update if and when more information becomes available.