Did sweat fleck your pashmina scarf as you waited on the subway platform this balmy December morning? No need to take off those headphones blasting Amerie, it's just that the WORLD KEEPS BURNING. According to the NOAA's State of the Climate report, November 2012 was the fifth warmest November ever, and the 333rd consecutive month in which global temperatures were warmer than the 20th century average. The last time they were colder was in February of 1985. This means that if you are 27 years old, you have never lived in a month which was colder than average. Then again, if you're 27, you're bound to live forever. It's not global warming if it's always been warm! *Posts photo of milkshake to Instagram*

Dr. Jeff Masters at Weather Underground notes that far eastern Russia experienced the greatest amount of warming in November, as temperatures were at least 9°F warmer than the average. Inevitably this anecdote will be the basis of a shitty "That's what the get fer losin' the COLD WAR" gag Uncle Lanny will make on Christmas Eve, so be sure to add that tens of thousands of people died there because the "global community" has done next to nothing to stop global warming.