2006_10_clock.gifBravo to Principal Susan Rappaport of the Manahttan School for Children. Now when parents drop their kids off at school late, they serve a 20 minute "time out" with their kids! Rappaport said in yesterday's NY Post, "You can't hold children accountable for being late. The parents need to make the breakfast, get the children dressed and get them to school on time." Yeah, the parents are the parents!

While some mommies and daddies who have meetings and appointments to go to are upset they are being punished, most agree that it's too embarrassing and they'll never drop their kids off to class late again. Until the next time their children refuse to get dressed and eat their breakfast. Anyway, we look forward to the day when parents who embarrass their kids are required to take a time-out - we're talking to you, annoying person who was screaming at the store while your child was making the "save me" face.