We've finally found an answer to that age old question, "What's the best way to spend stolen money from people you tortured and murdered in a drug-related home-invasion attack?" A new Range Rover! Police believe that's just what two men did after an April 6 double homicide in Bedford-Stuyvesant in which they netted $20,000 and 22 pounds of marijuana. Although, they did waffle on which car to get at first: "We already put the money down on the f------ Escalade already," one of the men told an informant, according to the federal complaint.

Khaa McKenzie and John Christian have been indicted in the brutal attack, in which they allegedly killed Jason Bostic and Aaron Formey. The two drug dealers were found in the basement apartment of a two-story building by Bostic's father; their hands, feet and bodies were bound with duct tape, and they were both shot multiple times.

According to the informant, McKenzie and Christian "sacked the whole crib" before leaving. But they changed their minds about the Escalade, and went with the Range Rover instead—the FBI was able to track down the Cadillac dealership, and traced the vehicle back to Christian's girlfriend. The men are scheduled to be arraigned next week in Brooklyn Federal Court.