The hits keep coming for former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer: City Councilman Charles Barrons says Ferrer should get out of the mayoral race and support Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia's Field mayoral bid. Barron says Ferrer is "free-falling and it's not going to stop." For his part, Ferrer says he has a right to run. And, Gothamist would imagine, a right to lose. But things aren't that cheery for Ferrer, not to mention the other Democratic challengers. There's a NY Times article about NYC Democrats hoping for a stronger candidate to emerge from somewhere else (Al Sharpton! Bill Clinton!), followed by an item on how mustaches aren't taken very seriously:

Indeed, in some political circles, Mr. Ferrer is being compared to Groucho Marx and some consultants are saying that the real lessons that he should absorb from the recent win of the clean-shaven Antonio Villaraigosa in Los Angeles are his grooming habits.

Where's the Queer Eye gang? And Gothamist would like to point out that our readers have thought Ferrer looks like Floyd the Barber. Even Donny Deutsch thinks Ferrer should lose the 'stache althoghter, but he did not comment about whether or not Ferrer should wear tight, nipply T-shirts. And to wrap-up our Ferrer news, he likes Donald Trump's plans for the World Trade center, even though he previously wanted to decentralize office space so terrorists wouldn't have a target.

The NY Times has great coverage of the mayoral race, as you would expect from the paper of record. On Saturday, there was a feature on Representative Anthony Weiner, the only candidate who doesn't spend 100% in NYC, as he shuttles between the Beltway and the city. And today, there's an article about how Mayor Bloomberg's private charitable giving counters some of the cuts his administration has made to cultural institutions - and what that means for his political allies. It's a fascinating look at how patronage (Bloomberg's philanthropy was well-known before ever taking office) and politics intersects when you have a billionaire mayor.