Lopez and monkey; Photo: NY Daily News

Oh, Monkey Boy Orlando Lopez - thank God the Post is giving us an update of your plans to recover the monkeys taken away from your NYC apartment in March. Lopez, the 26 year-old veterniary tech who was heartbroken when complaints led to the removal of his monkeys, Mandy, Michael, Marley, Chucky, Lulu and Belle, says he's moving to Westchester, where it's legal to keep monkeys and, thus, wants his animals back. Lopez had taken very good care of his monkeys, but the Post notes:

Animal experts say that, in most cases, keeping a monkey in a cramped apartment can be very unsanitary, as well as unhealthy for human occupants. And it can lead to mental disorders in the animal.

In other words, monkey fling their poo around and might go crazy. That's why Ross was so cuckoo on Friends!

The city would rather New Yorkers adopt cats or dogs from shelters, than own monkeys.