2006_10_blimpieham.jpgWhoa. The NY Post details a totally insane incident that occured yesterday at PS 173. A mother, Solanger Cabral, mother of 10 year old student Naomi Payero and co-president of the Community Education Council in the district, tried to bring a Blimpie sandwich (ham and cheese, if you were wondering) to Naomi at PS 173. But somehow, while in the cafeteria under school guard escort, Cabral hyperventilated, was taken to the hospital and wound up in the psych ward!

Earlier, Principal Dawn Boursiquot had objected to Cabral "wandering" around during this visit and a previous one that morning, because there are rules about non-student and non-faculty types at school. Cabral told the Post, "The principal kept saying, 'What are you doing here? You can't be here. Get out of the building,' I asked why. I said, 'I am a parent with a child in the school. I have a right to go in whenever I want.'" Well, maybe not, accordnig to Boursiquot, who said, "No one can be in a public school just wandering around. What if a thousand parents wanted to hang around in the hallways? That can't be."

There seems to be some tension between parents and the school about access as well as some hurt feelings over an after school program being cancelled, but let's face it, if a parent brings a child something to school, you'd think leaving it at the front office and would be adequate. Little Naomi was upset and weighed in, "It's hard to see your mother suffer." And she did not eat the sandwich.