Gothamist reader David Shulman spotted a stealth bomber doing a little recon over Manhattan:

[I] had to write you about this image. I was in Brooklyn Heights this afternoon, walking along the Promenade and saw what I could've sworn was a Stealth Bomber. I knew it couldn't be one, but at the same time realized that it had to be because of its unique shape. Sure enough, as it flew a little closer it came into view. Here are two shots I got.

That's pretty weird, isn't it? Can one of you image-expert types verify if it's real? And did anyone else see it, or know what it was doing here?

Update: as usual, it only took 15 minutes for Gothamist readers to solve the mystery:

This weekend at Yankee Stadium, the stands will be packed and the uniforms of the opposing players will have "Boston" stitched across their chests. Fox and ESPN will televise three of the games. A stealth bomber from the U.S. Air Force will do a flyover tomorrow.

Awesome-- we should really open a community-powered detective agency!