accuwx_sfc1122.jpgToday and tomorrow are looking mighty fine for late November. Partly cloudy with high temperatures in the mid-50s. Then, in time for ballon inflating, a parade, and driving over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house the weather turns wet and cold.

See that low pressure system down in Texas? That's its forecast position for tomorrow morning (from AccuWeather's Galileo Television Weather System that is now made available to the public. By Wednesday it, and the moisture it brings from the Gulf of Mexico will be upon us. All day. See that cold front running through Minnesota and South Dakota? As the low pressure system passes by us on Thursday, its counter-clockwise circulation will pull the cold front southward. Gothamist wouldn't be surprised if temperatures remained steady or fell through the day on Thanksgiving. With any luck it will be pleasant for the parade in the morning.

If you're traveling for Thanksgiving be prepared to wait. There's lots of messy weather around the country this week. The same storm that will give the northeast rain on Wednesday will also bring lots of rain, and perhaps thunderstorms, throughout the south and midwest. There will be snow showers in the Rockies.