2007_05_scam.JPGWe think the Daily News is running a "Buyer Beware" series. Yesterday, the News ran the story about the lady who bought a vicious dog. Today, it's the story of a tourist who got scammed - and beaten up - by women he met on craigslist! Eek!

A Minnesotan visiting NYC decided to use craigslist to find a good time and set up a rendez-vous with a lovely lady named "Tiffany." Only the woman he met at the Intercontinental Hotel on East 48th Street was a little different looking.

The tourist and [Cedra] Neely [pictured on the right] - the alleged "true stunning blonde bombshell" named Tiffany - began arguing over the meaning of "full service massage" and the fact that Neely did not resemble the woman in the ad, which advertised her as "5 feet 5 with a toned petite body," police said.

Eventually, Neely said she was willing to perform a massage with a "happy ending" for $300, police said.

The tourist refused.

As he tried to leave the room, [Candace] Lang [pictured on the left] emerged from the closet and leaped on his back while Neely kicked and punched him, police said.

Damn! Neely and Lang were arrested for robbery and assault, though the police say that the pair don't think it was robbery. A source tells the News, "They believe they're entitled to the money whether it's for an hour or a second. There's no backing out."

The duo was arrested last week after an incident at the Milford Plaza hotel - "while Lang began to massage the man on the hotel bed, Neely rifled through the pockets of his pants slung over a nearby chair, removing $1,000." That's some lullaby of Broadway!