There's an empty lot on Pacific Street (near Smith Street) in Brooklyn that's got locals outraged; they've brought their complaints to the Daily News, and say the overgrown lot has become a haven for some unsavory characters. The empty space is right next door to Pacifico restaurant, and one employee there says she's heard everything from fighting to moaning emanating from the lot late at night.

The unmaintained piece of land has become home to a bloody mattress, liquor bottles, out-of-commission cars, and other assorted junk; current tenants include drifters and rats. A nearby resident explains, "It might look abandoned, but if you look closer, you see how often it's actually used. There's garbage everywhere and it's obvious that people chill out around here." Not for long! The Sanitation Department is on it—they ordered the owner (262-276 Atlantic Realty Corp.) to clean the mess by tomorrow, and said if it's not done, the city will clean it and send a bill. They also noted that none of the neighbors had ever called 311 to complain about the lot in the past, so they were not aware of the problem.