2007_5_health_eyeliner.jpgLadies looking to ho it up this summer may want to pay heed to a City Health Department warning about certain brands of eye makeup which contain harmful levels of lead. The kohl, kajal, and surma types of makeup have large amounts of the element and have been linked to at least five cases of lead poisoning in pregnant women and children who've inadvertently ingested the sfuff. Children are at particular risk because, well, they stick their hands in their mouth after doing pretty much everything, including touching mommy's face or the items on her dresser. A recent test by the Health Department found that the following brands had lead levels in excess of the recommended federal limit of 10 parts per million:

Hashmi Surma Special Made in Pakistan, 47% lead (468,708 ppm)

"Pure Kohl from the Waters of ZamZam"
Manufacturer information not listed, 36% lead (362,419 ppm)

Hashmi Kohl Aswad
Made in Pakistan, contains 27% lead (272,353 ppm)

Hashmi Kajal
Made in Pakistan, contains 4% lead (41,298 ppm)

These products, though available, are considered illegal. Lead paint is particularly dangerous to children under the age of 6 whose organ systems, specifically their nervous systems, are in a crucial stage of development. Lead ingestion has been linked to attention deficit disorder, stunted growth, low IQs, and kidney problems. For the full DOH lead poisoning fact sheet, click here.