Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly; Photo - Nobody is shocked, but New Yorkers seem gleeful at the news of Mayor Bloomberg's low approval rating, a cool 32 percent. To give some idea of how low that is, Giuliani, certainly a love-him-or-hate-him figure pre-September 11, never went below 27 percent approval.

The Daily News has a great breakout of how New Yorkers feels about his handling of various issues. The Times postulates his wealth makes it harder for people to relate to him.

Newsday adds that "Bloomberg's numbers are the lowest any mayor has gotten in the nine-year history of the Quinnipiac University poll, reaching levels not seen since one-term Mayor David Dinkins bottomed out at 29 percent in another economic downturn in 1991."

On the other hand, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly "received a 68 percent approval rating, and overall, 57 percent of respondents felt Bloomberg himself was doing a good job on crime."