As the city cleans up after Hurricane Sandy, it isn't just damaged houses that are going to be destroyed by the city (after talking to the owners) but also the hundreds of cars that were hauled away after the storm turned parts of the city into Carmageddon.

At a press conference about schools yesterday, the Mayor talked about the Sandy recovery situation and noted that nearly 900 cars were damaged in the storm and were taken away. But don't worry, he "added that license plates had been recovered from the vehicles and that their owners will be contacted — but that if they do not respond within 30 days, the cars will be junked."

Meanwhile, in an update on the hundreds of houses the city will be destroying after the storm, Bloomberg clarified that "most of those buildings will not fall down and we're certainly not going to do anything with them until we talk to the owner." Only buildings that are an immediate danger to public health will be destroyed.

And Bloomberg also made an important point that some New Yorkers should hear: "For an awful lot of people, the city is normal. [But] it’s not normal if you live in one of these areas where there was enormous damage. My great fear is we’ll think everybody’s back to normal before [they are]. We’ve got a long ways to go."